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...from Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology

"For years, the gravestone of Irish dramatist Oscar Wilde was covered with kiss-shaped lipstick marks that were left by his admirers. Unfortunately, Wilde's descendants decided to scour away all those blessings and erect a glass wall around the tomb to prevent further displays of affection. In my astrological opinion, Leo, you should favor the former style of behavior over the latter in 2013. In other words, don't focus on keeping things neat and clean and well-ordered. On the contrary: Be extravagant and uninhibited in expressing your love for the influences that inspire you -- even at the risk of being a bit unruly or messy. "

(Somehow, this doesn't seem different from the way I live my life daily...just confirms the direction in which I am headed)

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Posted on 03:57PM on Dec 31st, 2012
I really like Rob Brezsny Astrology too. :) Mine this week referred to a Deborah Sullivan artwork which consists of
a series of statements that state, "I must not look at boys during prayer"! Of course,free will astrology states in the coming year, I should do the opposite. Yea! I do like that Rob B and his free will astrology. Have fun in the New Year,!
Posted on 09:52PM on Dec 31st, 2012
You too, K...but you and I have no problem getting our fun in, do we?
Posted on 08:37AM on Jan 1st, 2013
No we do not and whatever 2013 holds ,I do know FUN will be a priority.
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