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I'm still recuperating.

I have not felt much like writing or reading. Reality TV has seeped through my brain; I had to watch two episodes of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" to neutralize all of the dress-finding, wedding-planning shows I've been watching. Saturday, November 3rd was the first time I had TRULY felt like myself - like i would get my life back - since my surgery on Sept 12th.

I will blog all that I've gone through, but I'm just not there yet.

I don't have a lot to say about my SM right now, either; at least not much that hasn't been said before. It's a confusing time; DH and I have constantly been in sick bay...his cancer. His vertigo. My surgery. We just got his one-year clear cancer report...but he is facing another surgery to repair a skin defect as a result of his cancer surgery. The illnesses and caretaking has
changed and bonded us differently. Extricating myself will take some additional sorting. Or perhaps we'll run, screaming, away from each other. But we both need to be well first; between the two of us, we can barely keep up the house, though I am getting stronger now. So, I am here for a while, gang.

In the affairs department, my 1/2 a man and I have drifted apart, which was inevitable. I have seen my local guy once to test things out. He just isn't putting the effort into it that I'd like to see, so he shall reap what he sowed, which is a bit lame. I am seeing The Professor this week and we are both pretty excited, as it will be two months to the day since we've been together. We've e-mailed a bit; we communicate mainly through long emails that are more like letters. Of course, his Clavin/MacGyver-like knowledge encompasses much of what I've needed to learn during my recovery and he gently has been making recommendations to me (and he is almost always clued into what I need, along with being correct).

So that's it for me, for now. I'll make a few comments here and there and chime in when I can. I have a lot of catching up to do and I hope to see what my friends have been up to for the past two months. Keeping up has been, and is still a little difficult. But I care and want to know how y'all are doing...

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Posted on 01:34AM on Nov 5th, 2012
I'm glad you're recovering, albeit slowly. I hope that your time with "The Professor" is awesome. :)

I think it's good that you and your husband are there for each other during these health issues.
Posted on 06:13AM on Nov 5th, 2012
Happy to hear you are on the mend both in mind and spirit
Posted on 08:56PM on Nov 5th, 2012
Hope each day gets better and better for both of you...Enjoy your time with Professor...
Posted on 08:50AM on Nov 9th, 2012
You sound as if you have had a really rough time recovering from this operation. I do hope that you are finally on the mend. Take good care of yourself.
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